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About us

Furgonomics® is an award winning multi-disciplinary | Architectural | Interior Design | Planning and Project Management firm | based in Karnataka, India. Established in 2017, Founded by the National award winning Architect - Sujan Setty.

Senior associate : Ar. Ruchitha Prasad and Studio Director :

Er. Mithun Raj.

  We are currently working on residential, commercial, institutional, resorts, hospitality, mass housing and interior design projects

across India.


  Creating Functional and ergonomic spaces of all scale and scope is our goal and we achieve this through a talented and experienced in house team of architects and engineers along with the association of some of the most experienced Structural and M.E.P consultants in the industry.


  Some of our prestigious clientele includes Appolo tyres ltd, Priyadarshini educational trust, Govt. of Karnataka, Lassi Plus, MRT car Servicing, SMSET school, Kuvempu University, Vidyabharti school, Sahyadri Science College, Sridhar Hospitals, etc.,


Our offices are currently located in Shivamogga and Mysuru cities in Karnataka and we are handling projects across India.

Design Philosophy

FURGONOMICS®  - Intelligence made visible through Design ®

Functionality and Ergonomics are the two main factors in our design process.

Sustainability and Simplicity are key in our approach.

  "Design" is the only thing that makes "Intelligence" something which is tangible. As designers, we aspire to create intelligent, useful and sustainable  spaces for the benefit of our fellow humans and our planet.


Everything is Energy. Quantum physics says, at the fundamental level even atoms, electrons and protons are just energy.

Optimizing our spaces in terms of Energy is an important part of architecture, Modern civilization has largely ignored this. However many ancient cultures studied this in detail and have documented the same.

It is time we learn from our ancestors and live in spaces that are optimized for human well being. This can be done in various ways. At Furgonomics, We wish to study and implement this and be the pioneers of Energy - Architecture in the 21st century... Read our Blog on "Science of Space" 

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